Lely’s Farm Management Support (FMS) teams help you achieve your goals.

Lely is clearly the world leader in farm support and management solutions in the robotic milking industry.

The Lely Farm Management Support (FMS) team includes more than 100 trained Robot Advisors throughout the United States and  Canada who are experts in feed nutrition, veterinary medicine  and more. They provide one-on-one support, tailored to each  specific operation, before, during and after robot installation.

Your drive to improve the production and profitability of your dairy operation creates the need for more and more information — to help you make better decisions, faster. Yet, there can be so much information that you are inundated by it. Lely is your filter, giving you the most accurate, most organized, most practical information in a way that is useful for your operation.

How Lely FMS works for you

Lely’s local FMS advisors work with our customers and their stakeholders, such as nutritionists and veterinarians, to lay out a support program three months before start-up and throughout the first year of milking with robots or feeding with the Vector. This includes several visits, providing assessments, conducting webinars and providing advice until the farmer is comfortable to run the herd and robots.

Throughout that start-up process, local FMS advisors will provide ongoing support in the following areas:

Besides start-up support, FMS advisors are trained to assist in pinpointing improvements that can be made on farm to maximize herd efficiencies and help increase overall performance.