Astronaut A4 Robotic Milking System

Astronaut A4 Robotic Milking System


The Lely Astronaut robotic milking system — Your most reliable employee.

The Lely Astronaut robotic milking system give you the most reliable employee you can imagine. Working all day, every day for years to come, the Lely Astronaut is able to prepare the cow for milking, attach and re-attach the teat cups, disengage after milking and carry out post-treatment.

The Lely system is entirely different than robotizing a parlor.

With the Astronaut, many factors can be monitored on each cow individually; factors that cannot be provided in a conventionally milked herd.

A unique set of milk quality measurement tools.

Lely MQC (Milk Quality Control) is located inside the arm of the robot just beside the udder. During milking, the milk is continuously monitored per quarter. This provides you with vital information on mastitis, fat and protein, and lactose for managing milk quality and cow health, allowing you to respond quickly and to achieve optimal milk quality. 

Brushes clean the best.

The brushes will remove dirt and manure, even if it sticks. It is the only cleaning system that cleans the area around the teats where teat cups can touch, as well as the bottom of the udder close to the teat. The whole system is thoroughly disinfected after cleaning each cow, preventing cross-contamination. 

Efficient mastitis monitoring per milking. 

Preventing mastitis helps you avoid income loss through reduced milk production, and medical and labor costs. The optional MQC-C somatic cell count measurement is of great importance in monitoring udder health. The integrated system monitors the SCC per milking per cow in a highly efficient manner. Alarming deviations will be noticed and reported to you. This gives you constant control of the udder health of all cows in the herd at the lowest cost. 

It’s all about early signals.

Decisions are transferred from the farmer to the cow. You can treat your cows individually, resulting in improved cow health, shorter calving intervals and reduction of feed costs, just to mention a few.

Lely Astronaut Brochure
Astronaut A4 Robotic Milking System Brochure