Lely TSS: The best service people in the field.

Lely Technical Service Support (TSS) people are our boots on the ground and your first line of support for installation, troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance on all Lely products. Lely TSS personnel are the most knowledgeable people in the industry, with a complete working knowledge of robots, cows, dairy farms and robotic milking. Each Lely Center has a Lead Technician with years of training and experience. Working with the Lead Technician are Service Level l and Service Level ll technicians, certified annually by Lely North America.

These service technicians are extremely dedicated individuals committed to providing ongoing service and maintenance and available 24/7 to ensure your dairy is always up and running.

Highly trained professionals. 

Not only must our personnel advance through established service tiers, and through rigorous technical training — they must successfully complete our in-field shadow program. 

Because of our exacting standards, ongoing training and the demanding requirements established and maintained by Lely, you can count on Lely’s Technical Service Support.