Live Life Lely.

Robotic Milking was invented and perfected by Lely.

In 1992, Lely introduced the Lely Astronaut milking robot. This groundbreaking product was acknowledged as the most important invention of the 20th century for dairy farmers. By using advanced robot technology in the barn, farmers achieve flexibility for other activities and an increased milk production, all in a “cow friendly” manner.

The Lely Approach Built around the cow.

The Lely Astronaut robotic milking system is designed to improve animal health and well-being. For instance, the cow has the easiest entrance into the robot and is not forced into a certain position in the cow box. Teat treatment and attachment of the teat cups are done very hygienically to improve udder health. Extensive data is also gathered, which will help the farmer to prevent diseases and improve the animal health status of the whole herd.

Free cow traffic is successful with robotics.

Lely discovered that farmers who use free cow traffic are more successful with robotic milking. With free cow traffic, the cow decides when she eats, gets milked or lies down, thereby improving the well-being of the cow. By taking care of cows and putting extra effort into cow comfort, producers are able to extend lifetime milk production.

Live Life Lely.

Lely is committed to help you enrich your professional and family lives through innovative, robotic automation. Lely provides you with the most advanced dairy robotic system available. In return, you receive something even more valuable — more time for your family and other priorities.

Uninterrupted robotic milking, backed by industry-leading 24-hour support, means your milking operation runs at peak efficiency with a minimum of manual labor. All day, every day.